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VIVACE for multipurpose halls


As a supplement to the first VIVACE Classic brochure, the second brochure explains the extended application range of the audio system for multi-purpose halls and similar environments.

A project in cooperation with our network partner Fortis PR.


groundSYS – a ground level PV-System

groundSYS Branding and Communication

xspace was commissioned to create the new brand image as well as all online and offline communications for the new cost-effective, ground level PV-system groundSYS – certified by TÜV Rheinland and TU Darmstadt.

Client: Privates Insititut, Munich

ADLWARTH Real estate sales brochure


I order to sell a country house placed in the upper bavarian Miesbach, xspace was comissioned by Adlwarth Immobilien to create a sales brochure for this purpose. Atmospheric landscapes and object images printed in a big special format on natural cotton paper and a stab binding for an appealing look & feel.

VIVACE – Surround sound reinvented


Great operas and classical concerts have their effect because of the impressive architectural environments in which the performances take place. VIVACE works wonders and provides excellent acoustics at every place so that the sound reaches both – the audience and the musicians with an impressive qualtity and details without any delays.

A project that we launched in cooperation with our network partner Fortis PR.

FORCAM trade fair motive

FORCAM portable exhibition stand

Creation of a futuristic key visual for a smart factory trade fair USA.

migomed – Orthopedics Fair

migomed  corporate design

Small project – big impact. On behalf of our client migomed we created sportive key-visuals for an orthopedics fair concerning arch support, motion- and spine analysis.

A clever investment

Privates Institut  Web Relaunch

FORCAM Hero Images

FORCAM Campaign Key Visuals

Three Campaign “Hero Images” to introduce the FORCAM business values in a spectacular and appealing way.

FORCAM Web Relaunch

FORCAM Responsive Website

Concept, Design and Prgramming of a responsive website in 5 languages. Drupal Content Management system.

FORCAM Product Brochure

FORCAM Product Brochure


A smart brand for the Pioneer of Smart Factory

FORCAM Company Branding

After 15 years, time had come for a major rebranding of FORCAM, the leading pioneer of Industrie 4.0 who has been founded by former employees of SAP. In order to stand out from the almost cool and technical imagery of Industrie 4.0 the clients was open for new approaches and to leave old paths.

The Treasures of Ancient Times – Numis Art

Numis Art Art catalogue

An older project from the year 2006. Corresponding to the antique art it has a clear & timeless design and therefore a persisting beautiful appearance till now.

A big step for Step Ahead

STEP AHEAD Company Branding

It is sometimes a sincere challenge to change an existing branding and redeisgn it from scratch. This was the case for STEP AHEAD AG, a leading provider of CRM & ERP software solutions. xspace creative was facing the challenge and has developed an innovative and dynamic branding to suppport STEP AHEAD in boosting their business.

Everything is perfectly
under control

STEP AHEAD  Multi-stage mailing campaign

Mailing should draw attention, enable the clients a fast access to information and should tell an intelligent story in a smart way. This is what happened with the first two of a series of mailings for our client Step Ahead delivering software for the CRM and ERP IT industry. Below you will see the first two of the series. The second mailing (first example) is already adapted to our new developed corporate design.

More mailings will be complemented when they are available.

Great design for
a great service


One of the largest providers of medical rehabilitation services for children and young adults wanted a new brand image. And at the end of 2013, that’s just what they got. The KJF (Catholic Youth Welfare) clinic were looking for something colorful to appeal to their young patients, but also modern to reflect their status as a highly specialized medical services provider.

more than just
ordinary medical supply stores

migomed  corporate design

Our long standing client, Gottinger Sanitätshaus GmbH, required a new brand with a contemporary look & feel. Here xspace creative developed the complete new corporate design of migomed in close cooperation with the client. The result is an appealing warm and modern look & feel which is perfectly aligned with the requirements of the new target groups of a next generation medical supply store. The new store designs equipped with high-tech scanners for 4D-motion-tracking to find the right orthopedic insoles and a broad variety of proven and innovative medical supply products demonstrate in an unique way that migomed is more than just ordinary medical supply stores.

Corporate Design
Campus Bad Neustadt

Rhön-Klinikum Campus Bad Neustadt  Corporate Design

5 clinics – 5 faculties – 1 location. The Rhön-Klinikum Campus Bad Neustadt. xspace creative connects them into a new consistent and expressive Corporate Design.

for the future

Privates Institut  company brochure

Capital investments are rapidly growing in popularity – with ownership and controlling interests in photovoltaic installations or combined heat and power plants in particular promising lasting returns. Finance expert, “Privates Institut”, outlines this unusual investment opportunity in its latest brochure – with concept, content, layout and print development courtesy of xspace creative – using FSC-certified paper.

Your money’s
safe with us

Privates Institut  Corporate Identity

In 2011, Hans Peter Hager and Thomas Schoy founded Private Institute with the claim “Turning knowledge into value”. The company concentrates on inflation-proof and tax-friendly investments, with special focus on photovoltaics and listed properties. xspace creative created a consistent corporate design to frame the company’s corporate communication activities.

Clear CI for
clear communication

Springer Medizin  Corporate Identity

Knowledge matters – this was the central message of the new Springer Medizin publishing house, captured perfectly in the new corporate identity designed by xspace creative. We developed the new umbrella brand and the overall CI for the company.

Know exactly
what’s coming

Springer Medizin  Campaign

At the end of 2009, a new publishing house – Springer Medizin – brought together seven previously separate Springer publishing houses in the medical sector. Springer Medizin aims to continue to set the standards with its well-known authors and comprehensive expertise as market leader. Which is exactly the kind of mission that xspace creative underscores with its entertaining ad campaign.

from the cloud

Hewlett-Packard  Facebook Campaign

Hewlett-Packard has developed a way for architects to store their blueprints digitally in the cloud and print to any location in the world. In partnership with Autodesk, xspace creative designed a Facebook campaign for “HP ePrint & Share”. Architects were invited to submit their most creative designs. The winners won a trip to Las Vegas, where their designs were printed at a live happening.

Getting the fleet
on its feet

CarFlott  Corporate Identity

xspace creative was tasked with finding a creative name for a company that manages and reconditions returned leased and company cars. In the end, it decided on “Carflott” – which captures the company’s unique proposition in more ways than one. In German, “flott” means both “fleet” and “speedy”. In addition to the catchy name, xspace creative also designed the entire brand image for Carflott, a subsidiary of Comes Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH.

A shining light
in package design

Mayer & Fendt  Package Design

Package design is crucial to sales success – even for everyday items like lightbulbs. For new “Eco Loop” energy-saving bulbs, xspace creative designed top-quality 3D product renderings and informative, easy-to-read packaging. The logo reflects the futuristic potential of energy-saving bulbs. Time to join the energy-saving revolution!

Unlocking encryption

clearswift  encryption campaign

Each day, billions of corporate emails are sent around the world – many of which contain confidential data. Although spam filters and virus scanners are standard utilities on any workstation, email encryption is still relatively unknown. Working to remedy this, Clearswift GmbH, German subsidiary of the British company, launched a comprehensive mail campaign. For Clearswift’s “Secure Email Gateway”, xspace creative developed a slipcase with an encrypted label, which could only be read once the interior part was pulled out. A promotional code directed readers to the campaign landing page, which was also designed by xspace creative.

Science without the fiction

Extreme Networks Worldwide Data Center Campaign

California hardware specialists, Extreme Networks, are offering a new service: a platform for central IT network administration. Using this platform, a company can control IT across their entire campus.
The technology is highly innovative, redefining the impossible. “Expect the unexpected” was the name xspace creative gave to the international campaign. The supporting visuals – used across traditional print media, in mailings and online media – turn the business world upside down.

19 ahead

Extreme Networks Worldwide Data Center Campaign

From silver to gold: The new switches from Extreme Networks provide quantifiable improvements in IT performance. But just as in top sporting contests, the difference between winning silver and bringing home the gold is a matter of mere milliseconds. The abstract sporting graphics used in this campaign underline the time factor. xspace creative developed an integrated, English-language campaign and adapted it for the German market.

on track

Autodesk  EMEA Campaign

Don’t miss your train! Autodesk used this catch-phrase to remind customers to subscribe for software upgrades. xspace creative put this internationally successful campaign on track with high-speed key visuals – showing an express train “At the station” and “Changing track”. Instead of regular photographs, xspace creative used realistic 3D visualizations.

Five, four, three,
two, one!

Autodesk  Campaign

Even if you’re a practical, hands-on type, it’s time to get organized and create the perfect suite for your work processes – with Autodesk’s Architecture Visualization Suite 2010. That was the message that xspace creative conveyed using a key visual of a hand counting down to display five of the benefits of this five-part suite.

Easy way to find
Dr. Right

Springer Business  Analysis Tool

The list of specialist medical publications seems endless. To make things easier for media agencies looking to place print and online adverts, xspace creative has created an analysis tool for Springer Business publishers.
This tool sorts readers of Springer’s 120 publications and visitors to their 60-plus websites, enabling media decision-makers to reach their target groups quickly and effectively.

Paging all doctors …

Springer Medizin  Campaign

When the Springer Medizin publishing house finished work on the first building block of their medical knowledge base – a modular website for medical professionals – they approached xspace creative for ideas on how to advertise it. The agency developed a campaign calling on all doctors to test it out and give feedback. The response was positive and this toolkit for doctor’s to build their own website is now a firm feature of the Springer portal.

Orthopedics online

Orthopädische Gemeinschaftspraxis  Web Relaunch

Concept, Design & programming of the new website by xspace creative.

In touch
with nature

Infineon  Touch Interface

Semiconductor leader Infineon wanted to show how renewable energies such as wind power are closely linked to complex technologies like microchips by setting up touchscreen information terminals at a trade fair. The terminals were designed by xspace creative in cooperation with UNID Communication GmbH (Munich, Germany), with xspace creative looking after the technical side of things, including programming the navigation interface.

Hands-on learning experience

SYBASE Deed of Donation Toolkit

Theory is only one side of the coin – practice is the other. Especially for IT students who have the chance to actually test-drive market-standard software during the course of their studies. To support hands-on learning, Sybase, a subsidiary of SAP, founded a donation program, sending out “University Toolkits” to leading schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These toolkits contain the latest version of Sybase database software, course material for professors, tutorials and printed certificates of participation. xspace creative designed top-quality ring binders for these toolkits, each containing English-language content and a software CD.

Top-quality editorial design

Hubert Haupt Real Estate Holding Company  Magazine

A magazine exploring city lifestyle and trends should look just as stylish and hip as its target readers – in this case, the discerning clientele of Hubert Haupt Immobilien Holding. Published every two years, the “hauptsache” magazine covers the latest property developments in Munich – from the inner city renaissance to the growing popularity of energy-efficient architectures. Inspired by these and similar topics, xspace creative developed a premium editorial design for “hauptsache”, where the typography and visual artwork are clearly on a par with leading international architectural magazines.

Fit for a king

Privates Institut  Real Estate Brochure

Bad Reichenhall´s Royal Palace is steeped in history – and is also an extremely interesting opportunity for smart investors. For more information on the spa and cultural highlights on offer, read the brochure created and designed by xspace creative. You will discover the Royal Palace in all its splendor, along with Bad Reichenhall and its majestic surroundings.

Word from
the top

Autodesk AEC Campaign

What is the best way to showcase the benefits of Revit software? xspace creative suggested referring to the experience and compelling testimonials of professionals who already have hands-on insights into Revit – and the idea was a hit. Eight CEOs and partners gave us thought-provoking and punchy customer statements, which we used to make authentic, credible videos for the Autodesk homepage. The campaign ran in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Customer video production
architectural office
Reichardt Architekten

Autodesk EMEA architectural campaign

Customer video from a series of 10 for the Autodesk architectural campaign (EMEA).

concept | film shooting | postproduction

Customer video production
architectural office
Falk von Tettenborn

Autodesk EMEA architectural campaign

Customer video from a series of 10 for the Autodesk architectural campaign (EMEA).

concept | film shooting | post and music production

Customer video production
Planungsgesellschaft mbH

Autodesk EMEA architectural campaign

Customer video from a series of 10 for the Autodesk architectural campaign (EMEA).

concept | film shooting | postproduction


SAHLBERG Customer Magazine

Customer video production
architecture office
Johannsen and Partner

Autodesk  EMEA architectural campaign

Customer video from a series of 10 for the Autodesk architectural campaign (EMEA).

concept | film shooting | postproduction

Office gardening:
a new trend

Autodesk  AEC campaign

Wait for spring to arrive and send out a kit with a strip of sunflower seeds to peel off and plant. This was an idea that xspace creative put to Autodesk – and they loved it. The kit was a hit and fitted perfectly with the campaign message: help your company grow like these sunflowers with the AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 2010. But don’t forget to water!

What’s in
the red box?

Autodesk  Facebook Campaign

For Autodesk’s AutoCAD LT design software, xspace creative developed a multi-step discount campaign to run on Facebook. A red gift box with hidden contents first awakened curiosity among followers. After they submitted their details to take part in a prize draw, the (virtual) red gift was opened and the discount revealed. In just the first two days after this campaign was launched, the number of followers increased five-fold.

THE LOFT 3D visualization

xspace architectural 3D visualization

A free interpretation of a milan loft.

3D insights

Privates Institut  3D Visualizations

When trying to grab an investor’s attention, a picture is worth a thousand words – especially when the real estate in question is the stunning Royal Palace in Bad Reichenhall. So xspace creative created equally stunning photo-realistic 3D renderings of the Royal Palace, capturing the beauty, atmosphere and appeal of this location – without a word.

What a workout!

Milon  3D Visualizations

The exclusive electronic training systems from milon industries are distinguished by their high-tech and sophisticated design, making these products a real eye-catcher. As taking photographs of each individual model in the gym would have been too time-consuming, xspace creative created
3D visualizations of the training systems. And only really close examination would reveal that the images are the result of computer simulation rather than a photoshoot.

Perfect combination

Milon 3D visualizations

It can be a heavyweight job to handle more than 20 fitness equipments in 30 different leather and material combinations for a shooting. With 3D visualization it´s a pushover. If the basic setup is done the combination can be produced in a relatively short time – and they look really great at the end like the following examples will show you.

Passion for detail

Townhouse reconstruction 3D visualization

It´s good to know how your ideas will look like before they become reality.
In order to get a high realistic image one important aspect are details. With this
in mind we developed a 3D visualization of a Munich townhouse after the reconstruction process according to 2D plans and in close coordination with the architect.

A bundle for daily challenges

Autodesk  Workflow video

The AutoCAD Design Suite is a tool / software bundle that covers all daily challenges – from sketching and creating work drawings up to awesome 3D presentations. A sophisticated xspace movie shows these process and possibilities of the AutoCAD Design Suite.

Living under the sea

UNID 3D concept animation / presentation

In order to support a German engineer with his idea of a swimming hotel project in Hainan/China we produced a 3D model and an according 3D animation. This helped our client to show the dimensions and functionalities in an understandable way.
Due to the preliminary draft a photorealistic realization was not required.

A new arrival


Josefinum, the leading maternity clinic in the German city of Augsburg, is being modernized from the ground up. To accompany the start of this five-year renovation project, the clinic has launched a microsite – designed by xspace creative. Outdoor and interior 3D visualizations helps to get an first impression of the clinic look after renovation.

Fit to be rendered

Milon  3D Renderings

Sometimes even the best photographer hits a wall, for example, when faced with a subject that is too big to move around. When preparing to shoot the milon circuit system, which consists of 12 separate pieces of fitness equipment, xspace creative took a different approach. First, the equipment was visualized in 3D and compositions were created featuring real people training. Followed by the final rendering touches – with creative flair courtesy of xspace creative.

Web Relaunch
MHS Aviation

Ready for take off. xspace creative creates the new web relaunch for MHS business aviation.